Continuous Deployment for Hugo

Deploy to Amazon S3 or GitHub Pages

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Blazing fast

Average build times are less than 5 seconds for Hugo. We cache all dependencies to give you fast builds.

Scheduled builds

Zammu allows you to schedule hourly and daily builds. This allows you to queue up your content and publish it at a regular pace.

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is an awesome and reliable web host. All your content is hosted on your Github Pages account in your gh-pages branch.

Free SSL

We have integrated with the awesome Let's Encrypt to bring you free SSL


Webhooks to trigger builds

You can use our simple API to trigger builds any time you want from an external source. This gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Use your favorite generators

Hugo, Hexo, Middleman, Octopress, Jekyll, Ruby, Python we have it all. If you want you can even use a ruby script with a Gemfile containing all the dependencies and we will bundle exec build it for you.

No restrictions

There are no restrictions on the gems or npm packages which you can use. Just include them in your Gemfile, package.json and you are good to go.


Pre built themes to get you started. Very soon you'll be able to add and author your own themes.

No lock in

You have access to all the content through your git repository.

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