The Motivation

Static Sites are easy to maintain and are more secure than dynamic CMSes. In our experience with web development for the last 10 years we have built quite a few Content Management Systems / Blogging Engines / Web hosts (CosmicPipes, GetSimpleSite, SubstanceHQ, Websrvr). This is our latest stab at this problem, We wanted to build something which can take a Solid Host (like Github Pages) and give us ability to deploy static sites built with any kind of static generator.

The Name

Zammu is named after the two dearest things to me. My niece Zainab and my son Muzaffar. I haven’t loved anyone as much as I love these guys. This app is dedicated to them.

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The Team

The team working on Zammu consists of highly experienced developers who are really passionate about building Zammu. They want to build a product which provides value to the users and makes their lives simpler.

My Photo

Khaja Minhajuddin

Khaja Minhajuddin

Khaja has a lot of experience building usable products which provide a high emphasis on being fast, easy to use and robust. He has built http://getsimpleform.com/ a service being used by 6000 people, which allows static site owners to add contact forms easily. He has also built http://www.websrvr.in/ a product which allows you to host and manage your websites using Dropbox. He is proficient in Ruby/Golang/C#/Javascript and is learning Elixir these days. He has a passion for building products which provide value to users. You can read more about him on his blog at: http://minhajuddin.com (This blog is also automatically deployed by Zammu :) ).

Our Vision

We want to make building and managing static sites simple.

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, But even today there are may website administrators which use FTP to deploy websites and manage their content by manually tweaking html. We want to provide them with tools to make their lives simple.

We have a bunch of things planned for Zammu. We know that everyone has different needs. We want to build THE Continuous Delivery system for static websites which can build any kind of static website. Also, We want to decouple the input pipe (Github Repo, FTP, Dropbox), the processors (Jekyll, Middleman, Nanoc) and the deployment server (Github, S3, Cloudfront).

Our Beliefs

Our team firmly believes in having a positive impact on the world around us. We want to make a product which helps you in a tangible way.

We love sharing and contributing to the open source community through our work on Static Tools. We also have a blog at http://blog.zammu.in/ where we share our experiments with Technology.

You can reach us on twitter at @zammuhq or @minhajuddin.

Feedback / Ideas / Suggestions

We'd love to hear from you. Please let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback to improve Zammu.